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About me and about this blog

I am in my 50’s and  live in England.  I have been married to My Beautiful Armenian (MBA) for 27 years.  We have three children – the Big Boy Wonder (BBW) who is in his early 20’s, the Very Precious Daughter (VPD) and the Small Boy Wonder (SBW) who is a teenager.   This blog is about 2 things:

  • the experience of being married to somebody going through the life-changing experience of training to be a pyschotherapist.
  • some reflections about a number of issues we have faced over the years – having a gay son; anorexia; depression; miscarriage; bullying; teenage issues with drugs and alcohol; supporting kids through university.

The list sounds like a catalogue of misery and doom, but that’s not how I feel about them.  I’m a very private person and many people who know me would probably describe me as laid-back and cheerful.  I hope that you won’t come across any self-pity in these pieces, because it’s not an appealing characteristic and it’s not how I feel.  I am, in fact, very lucky and aware of this.

I’m certainly not intending to offer advice.  But if anyone were to find anything I write here of interest or of comfort, that would be very satisfying to me.

And because I won’t be able to help myself, there will probably also be some occasional reflections on books, music, film, and cooking.


7 thoughts on “About me and about this blog

  1. I am glad I found you through MMM – I too am going through Psychotherapy training, and your piece on the pleasures and strains of going through that with your beautiful Missus has very much struck a chord with me, as I no longer feel I can take any carp in life! I think I will enjoy reading your words, Sir! Not sure how to follow on WordPress, but I have added you to my blogroll, forthwith! My best to you and yours.

    • Wow! That’s what I call a connection. Sine I started this (and I am very new) I’ve not actually written much on the Psychotherapy side of things, but will try to attend to this now. I’m not sure about WordPress – it’s very US focused. I’m really, really pleased to have found MMM -I’d been struggling to find good stuff about teenagers, so will definitely be visiting lots. And many thanks for adding me to your blogroll:-)

  2. Shame you have no “comments” boxes following your blog entries. I have lots to say. I have read right back to the beginning… found you quite by chance on worrywarts. Your latest piece on bird watching/counting/feeding made me quite nostalgic for a Dorset country childhood, when there was a lot more countryside in Dorset than there is now. And the hedgelaying bit, that brought back memories too. I’ve lived all my life since then in France, the land of the people who eat small birds. But supermarkets and garden centres have caught on to the commercial possibilities of selling wild bird food, so the French, being the faithful consumers that they are, have begun feeding birds instead of eating them… do add a comments section, I should love to chat with you.

    • Bienvenue! Very happy to hear that feeding birds is catching on over the Channel.

      Thanks for letting me know about the comments section. I’ve had a quick look this morning and they way it works is that there is a “leave a comment” link at the end of the categories/tags section if nobody has left a comment. If somebody has already left a comment, then you click on the comments icon to the left of the title. I agree it is far from clear and will look at it further.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Pleasure. WordPress does have its mysteries, doesn’t it!

    • It certainly does. I’ve played around with various styles and haven’t found one that I’m absolutely comfortable with (but I’m not complaining – you get a lot of options and functionality for free).

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