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Some Things To Make Us All Feel Hopeful

One thing I did over Christmas was finish reading this very uplifting book.

It deliberately looks at what good news there may be for us all in some very rapid changes in technology going on at the moment.  And, if it’s all to be believed, there is potentially a lot of good news.

Stevenson talks about things that most of us probably don’t know or hear much about – micro-technology, genetics, robotics etc.  There’s understandably a lot about climate change and energy policy, and suggestions that there may be answers to both well within our grasp.  He also argues that we could in our lifetimes see the western capitalist model replaced with something new.

It all sounds a bit heavy, but it’s not.  This is one of those books about science that non-scientists can easily follow.  And quite funny in places as well.

For all the discussion of science and technology, one of the most interesting sections is where he describes how something as simple as putting fences in different places can completely transform the drought-scarred Australian outback.  Although equally interesting is the fact that many Australian farmers are resisting the new ideas because it’s not how their fathers farmed.

A little easier on the intellect, but equally uplifting, was the family trip to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  Not one for the homophobe or anyone with a Victorian attitude to all things naughty, but in our collective opinion, utterly, utterly brilliant.  In the best traditions of theatre, it will make most people laugh and cry.  On top of everything else, I get a real buzz out of seeing almost anything done to a very, very high standard, and this was world class.

Not everything about Christmas was this good, but these things, and the extraordinary behaviour of the Very Precious Daughter, have left my pointlessly optimistic nature in good shape.

And we’re going to the panto this afternoon – for me always one of the holiday highlights.

I need to cling onto this warm, fuzzy feeling.

Happy New Year!


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One thought on “Some Things To Make Us All Feel Hopeful

  1. Happy new year! I’ve seen Priscilla too. Agree that its a total blast!

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