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A very brief moment of happiness

I was at home by myself this evening when the phone rang.  It was a very happy sounding VPD (Very Precious Daughter).

The reason for her good cheer?  She’s just finished an assessed piece of work and is getting rave reviews from everyone who’s seen it.

And then it got better.  “Being poor has really helped me with this.  It’s made me so much more creative.  I’ve had to make my own sequins and everything.”

If it’s poverty you want, my dear child, then I can assure you there’s plenty more where that came from.  Remember that she is currently operating under the austerity measures of the recently agreed bail-out plan.

We chatted very nicely for a bit, and then she had to go.

Five minutes later (I swear, no more than five minutes) the phone rang again.  The VPD once more.  This time a very different tone of voice.  Lower, much more serious.  “I can’t believe it, I’ve just checked my bank balance, and the money for my phone bill has gone out today, and I’m up to my overdraft limit, and I really need to get some stuff for my project, and I don’t know how this has happened, and if I don’t etc…etc…etc…etc.  So I was just wondering, is there any chance you could do me a favour and put £20 into my account?”

Bless her heart, she’s adamant she’s going to pay me back.


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